Buyer feedback

I received my ukes (173 and 157) late yesterday, so I haven’t had a lot of time with them, but I have to tell you how happy I am with these instruments. Your workmanship is superb – I really can’t believe the quality you are delivering from your shop.
Not only that, but the sound of my new baritone and tenor ukes is beautiful. My new redwood topped tenor puts my pacific walnut Kala to shame. Granted, they are different levels of instruments, but the difference in sound quality greatly exceeds the difference in price. Plus, the playability of both instruments I purchased is fantastic. I feel like I’ve significantly improved my uke skills overnight!
You say on your website you treat each build like a work of art. That is very obvious to me now! You are a true artisan, and I’ll be back. Thank you for your craftsmanship.

Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I’m enjoying the Koa tenor uke I purchased from you…  I lived and taught in Hawaii for fifteen years early in my career and I’ve recently taken up slack key guitar and ukulele, which is why a wanted the Koa.  I’ve made it a practice to collect really fine instruments (classical snd steel string guitars, banjos, and mandolins) from individual luthiers and your ukulele is wonderful addition to the stable.  Beside the excellent craftsmanship, the tone is crystal and warm.  I love the sound of Koa.  I have a soprano that’s pretty good, …  This uke is so comfortable to play, and so exceeds the other one in tone quality.  Anyway, it’s a beautiful ukulele and thank you for making it.   (Associate Professor Emeritus, School of Performing Arts)

168 your best yet…off the charts, loud…clear crisp notes and beautiful woodwork.  I had to make room for it but I’m glad I circles tonight and tomorrow…can’t wait to show it off and play it.

I’ve churned a few baritone ukes in the past few years (factory instruments from Indonesia and China), but your instrument will hold pride of place in my home for as long as I’m around.
The craftsmanship, feel and warm tone of the uke are excellent.  Intonation is spot on. The gloss finish, frets and setup are perfect. (Don’t tell Kala, but I like the feel and tone of this baritone better than the Kala Mahogany Elite bari I have in my collection).  Of course, the Koa really sings.  The sustain is comparable to other “K” brands, and the wider nut is great for fingerstyle playing. I feel your ukuleles deserve a solid and growing presence in the somewhat crowded ukulele market (although baritones are a niche market, really).  Your pricing is a sweet spot between the factory instruments, including Pono baritones, and the custom K brands in Hawaii.  The price was exactly in the range I was considering.  I feel I got the best instrument on the planet in this price range. I can see there’s a lot of quality and individual attention given to the instrument I received.  Not so with “Made in China.” In my personal opinion, the quality of the Koa Baritone I received is way above an average, even good +, “Hobby” builder.  It would be great if more uke players discovered your fine instruments.  (I think Kala and Pono would lose market share to you!) Thank you for this beautifully hand-made instrument.  I heard a saying:  “Creativity is what intelligence does for fun.”  I think you’ve been either working very hard making fantastic instruments, or having a lot of fun.  Maybe both!…in the meantime between these messages, I got my ukulele. What an amazing piece of art, you did a phenomenal job. It sounds great, so unique compared to the others I have, its got a deep and crisp tone. The finish on this is outstanding. Again thank you!!

Great and distinct sound, just like the concert I bought recently. Beautiful instrument. Just love how the front and back wood grain patterns are identical. I like your solid koa ukes (concert and tenor) more than my solid Kala koa tenor uke which cost me more than twice as much. Keep up the great work!

147 is beautiful, so wonderfully playable and sounds great. Even though I am a low G guy, I’m leaving 147 in high g. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!

I received my koa concert ukulele today and she certainly is a beautiful little thing! The wood grain is spectacular and your craftmanship is exquisite! ….fantastic sound! I am very happy that I was able to purchase this gem from you. There is no koa uke out there of this quality for even close to this price.

Thank you for another incredible instrument very warm and intimate sound.

Over the moon happy with the redwood and maple baritone…it gives up nothing to my other, more expensive and, for now, better known ukuleles.
The craftsmanship is superb and the tone and volume are wonderful.  It blows my other K baritone away.

The uke arrived and I’m happy to say that is awesome! I lowered the action and it sounds great — you are a true artisan.

Thank you for making me the Beautiful Ukulele! I love it…Your craftsmanship is other worldly, thanks again.

Very nice, finely crafted Ukulele, my second purchase from this seller

Beautifully made instrument, great sound, looks

Very pleased with this finely crafted, sweet sounding Ukulele, Thank you !!!

Excellent product.

I’m very happy with the ukulele…You should be very proud of this instrument. FYI, I also have the “four K’s” of Hawaiian made ukes and an Iseman tenor (which is my favorite) and am impressed with your uke. Well done!

Plays great, Keep building them, I think folks will like them

Great work on that baritone. You have excellent luthier skills. Keep building.