I treat each instrument as a work of art, and craft it that way. You can get a Hawaiian style hand crafted ukulele made in America at an affordable price. No two ukuleles can be the exact same even when made from the same design and materials because each is individually made one at a time with hand tools.

If you would like a custom made instrument with your preferred wood, please contact me for a quote and recommendations.

You can purchase an instrument which is already finished by visiting my Ebay store.

I guarantee you will love your new ukulele. If for any reason you are not thrilled with it, you may return it in like new condition prepaid, and I will refund your purchase price after verifying the condition, less shipping cost.

Kelali is not a Hawaiian word, but stands for KEvin’s LAte LIfe ukuleles. I have taken up making ukuleles as a retirement project in the northern California wine country. It is the culmination of skills I have acquired over the years: building and woodworking, silversmithing, engineering, and cabinet finishing.

Rather than looking for ways to save costs, I concentrate on ways to make the instrument better.

  • Features:
  • Choice of back and sides
  • Open grain woods on back and sides filled with epoxy for smoother finish
  • Cedar, Spruce, Fir or Redwood top with rosette
  • Mahogany and occasionally Cedar neck.
  • Hand carved neck, head, and bridge.
  • Fingerboard and bridge polished and waxed or oiled
  • 14th fret soundboard connection
  • Fingerboard width at nut is 1 3/8″ and 1 3/4″ at 12th fret. Modified upon request to fit your fingering style.
  • Frets leveled and polished, no buzzing
  • Fret dots on 5,7,10,12th frets or request your preference. 5mm fingerboard dots and 3mm side dots
  • Grover Sta Tite open gear tuners
  • Several string choices with low action
  • Satin nitrocellulose lacquer finish
  • Hidden string attachment at the bridge rather than exposed tied knots
  • Spanish neck construction, like a classical guitar, where the neck continues into the body and the sides fit into slots cut into the neck, rather than bolted to the body. So the neck is integral to the body.
  • Parts are not cut by a machine in cookie cutter fashion, but hand cut and pieced together so each element and dimension is inspected and fine tuned.
  • Corian Nut and saddle.

A pair of Claro Walnut Tenors with closely matched backs


Claro walnut pair with different soundboards; left is Port Orford Cedar; right is Myrtlewood


Koa concert back
Koa concert back

Koa concert side