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I will be away from my shop from April 27 to May 14. Any purchases made during that time will be shipped when I return. Kevin

KU244, Mahogany and POC Baritone


A rich, clear, mellow sounding Baritone ukulele made with Honduras Mahogany back and sides, and Port Orford Cedar soundboard. My own handmade walnut bindings with a black and white accent. The neck is a little thicker and rounder toward the nut for those who prefer that feel.

  • Honduras Mahogany back and sides
  • Port Orford Cedar soundboard
  • Indian ebony fingerboard with Pua Abalone dots
  • ebony bridge
  • corian nut and saddle
  • Walnut binding with black and white accents
  • Grover U98 tuners with 18:1 turning ratio for easy precise tuning

serial #244


KU242, Walnut Tenor


An all walnut body tenor with ebony bindings and black Gotoh UPT tuners for the traditional ukulele look. The color of the walnut is actually dark like the first photograph, the camera lightened the grain in the other photos. The tone is warm and clear similar to Mahogany.

  • 3A grade walnut with curl from the western US
  • hand cut ebony bindings
  • maccasar ebony fingerboard
  • Spanish cedar neck with inlaid carbon fiber rod
  • bone nut and saddle
  • Gotoh UPT tuners with 4:1 turning ratio
  • Aquila Super Nylgut low G strings with wound G string


Indian Rosewood and Western Red Cedar Baritone

$1050, Contact me if you would like to order a similar Rosewood Baritone includes case and shipping

This one has sold, but if you are interested in having me make you a similar one please contact me. This wood combination has a fantastic sound with a booming voice and clear tone.

Indian Rosewood body; Western Red Cedar soundboard, but you could combine it with Spruce or Port Orford Cedar; ebony fingerboard, bridge, bindings and peghead veneer; Gotoh UPT tuners, a thicker and rounder Spanish Cedar neck than I normally make; and bone nut and saddle. Your choice of strings, but in this case I used Martin 630 strings with 2 wound and 3 fluorocarbon, which works quite well.


KU239, Mahogany and Port Orford Cedar Tenor using Kasha bracing

$650, Includes shipping to lower continental US

Here is a good opportunity to get a Kasha braced Tenor. The unique bracing and bridge shape moving the bass and treble sound waves throughout the soundboard. Designed for low G strings and in this case using Worth BT LG (brown tenor low g) strings to compliment the rich mahogany and Port Orford Cedar wood. Pau ferro fingerboard, mahogany bridge, corian saddle, bone nut, satin lacquer finish.



KU234, Koa Baritone with case


$899, includes case and free shipping to lower continental US

Nice dark Koa wood with some curl. I find the darker Koa has a lower and woodier sound. Featuring a Maple rosette and unique white sapwood Koa bindings to provide a nice accent. There are side fret dots, but none on top the fingerboard for a clean look, and requested by some guitar players. Includes strap buttons which were added after taking the photos. The case is a Kala Uke Crazy case, a hard polyfoam cloth covered case. Sporting Aquila lava strings with 2 wound strings (DGBE) for volume and clear tone (the Lava strings are not shown on these pictures.)

Serial# 234


Baritone with Myrtle and Redwood


Contact me if you would like to order a similar Myrtle and Redwood Baritone

Wonderfully resonant and beautiful baritone ukulele you will not find in any stores. Hand made with 4A grade Myrtle hand picked for me by the mill combined with some great straight grained aged Redwood. I added a black, white and blue rosette, as well as walnut bindings also with a black, white and blue accent, making for a red, white and blue themed instrument. The myrtle is similar to maple in tone, but mellower. The redwood is very resonant accentuating all the frequencies across the spectrum, and the low action Worth brown strings make for easy playing.


Khaya Baritone


Contact me if you would like to order a similar Hawaiian grown Khaya Baritone includes shipping

The Khaya for this baritone, also known as African Mahogany, was grown and harvested in Hawaii. It has a beautiful stripy pattern, and the mellow sound that Mahogany is known for. Khaya has a janka hardness between Koa and Honduras Mahogany, so it shares some tonal qualities of both. I decided to make it without bindings or added adornments to show off the tight construction joints and natural beauty. Other details: Spanish cedar hand shaped neck, Indian Rosewood fingerboard 1.5″ wide at the nut, mother of pearl fret markers, ebony bridge, bone nut and saddle, Grover U98 tuners with 18:1 tuning ratio, Martin 630 strings DGBE, and satin lacquer finish.


Kelali T shirts

Cotton T shirts with silk screened images. The silk screening was done for me in Santa Rosa, Ca.

$20 when purchased with an ukulele and can be shipped with the instrument. You will need to make 2 separate purchases, the shirt and the instrument since there is no shopping cart. I will see the orders and them and ship together.

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