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KU234, Koa Baritone with case

$899, with case and free shipping to lower continental US

Nice dark Koa wood with some curl. I find the darker Koa has a lower and woodier sound. Featuring a Maple rosette and unique white sapwood Koa bindings to provide a nice accent. There are side fret dots, but none on top the fingerboard for a clean look, and requested by some guitar players. Includes Kala Uke crazy hard polyfoam case.

Serial# 234


KU233, Maple and Redwood Tenor

$675, includes free shipping to lower continental US

This unique Tenor sized ukulele features some extraordinary curly and Birdseye Maple backwood which is  accented on the headstock as well. The straight grained Redwood soundboard adds exceptional rich tones and clarity. It also features some rare curly Koa bindings that really complement the other woods. Inlaid Mother of Pearl dots really stand out on the ebony fingerboard, and the bone nut and saddle, with the rosewood bridge round out this quality instrument. The Worth brown Low G strings finishes the package and really shows off what this ukulele can do!

serial #233


KU231, Maple and Mahogany Soprano

$225, includes shipping to lower continental US

A simple yet well made soprano with low g Aquila strings. Good student instrument at a low price.


KU229, Khaya Baritone

$650, includes free shipping to lower continental US

The Khaya for this baritone, also known as African Mahogany, was grown and harvested in Hawaii. It has a beautiful stripy pattern, and the mellow sound that Mahogany is known for. Khaya has a janka hardness between Koa and Honduras Mahogany, so it shares some tonal qualities of both. I decided to make it without bindings or added adornments to show off the tight construction joints and natural beauty. Other details: Spanish cedar hand shaped neck, Indian Rosewood fingerboard 1.5″ wide at the nut, mother of pearl fret markers, ebony bridge, bone nut and saddle, Grover U98 tuners with 18:1 tuning ratio, Martin 630 strings DGBE, and satin lacquer finish.

serial # 229


KU222, Maple and Redwood Tenor


$775, includes shipping to lower continental US

Full even tone, featuring rope rosette and rope binding

  • 4A grade Maple back and sides, the back has a slight bow side to side, besides fore and aft, like a classical guitar
  • 3A grade Redwood soundboard
  • Rope style rosette made with Walnut and Maple
  • Hand made rope binding around the body and headstock, strip at tail joint
  • Spanish Cedar neck with Spanish heel construction
  • Inlaid carbon fiber rod in the neck for added stability
  • Maccasar Ebony fingerboard with Mother of pearl fret markers, and rosewood bridge
  • bone nut and saddle
  • Grover U98 tuners
  • Satin lacquer finish
  • Aquila super nylgut strings, High G, some photos may show dark strings which have been changed to the white Aquilas

serial #222


KU215, Master grade Koa Soprano with rope binding


Beautiful cute soprano with Weissenborn style rope bindings. Warm rich tone. It originally had been constructed with Grover closed back tuners, but to lighten the weight of the neck and clean up the headstock, I switched to the Gotoh UPT tuners. The original screw holes were filled with mahogany , but can still be seen on the back of the headstock.

  • Master grade Hawaiian Koa
  • Mahogany neck, Spanish heel construction
  • Weissenborn style rope binding  and rosette made with walnut and maple
  • Bone nut and saddle
  • Ebony fingerboard with inlaid Mother of Pearl fret markers
  • 12th fret fingerboard connection
  • Gotoh UPT tuners 4:1 gear ratio
  • Satin lacquer finish
  • Martin 600 fluorocarbon strings high G

Serial #215


KU210, Baritone with Curly Koa body

$675, includes free shipping to lower continental US

AAA grade curly Koa Baritone. The wood is a light toned golden Koa, and a lighter weight Koa as well. This one has a couple upgrades: bound fretboard so the fretboard edge is cleaner looking without the fret tangs showing, and gold Grover 205 closed back tuners for a cleaner look as well. Martin 630 strings take advantage of Baritone body to deliver excellent volume and sustain. The body is unadorned with bindings etc, to show off the wood, much like you would find on ukuleles made in Hawaii.

  • Curly Hawaiian Koa body with inlaid thin black rosette
  • Honduran Mahogany hand shaped neck
  • Bound ebony fingerboard with Mother of Pearl dots
  • Nickel silver frets, level and polished with fret ends smoothed
  • ebony bridge, with through bridge string attachment
  • Corian nut and saddle
  • Grover 205 closed back tuners
  • Martin 630 strings DGBE, with 2 wound strings, 2 fluorocarbon
  • Satin lacquer finish over CA pore filler

serial #210


Kelali T shirts

Cotton T shirts with silk screened images. The silk screening was done for me in Santa Rosa, Ca.

$20 when purchased with an ukulele and can be shipped with the instrument. You will need to make 2 separate purchases, the shirt and the instrument since there is no shopping cart. I will see the orders and them and ship together.

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